Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Lying on the bed,
As good as dead....
Tears falling on the pillow,
Noone could hear, the sobs were so low...
Everything had finished, including his life..
The blood from his wrist onto the blade...
The colour of love.....
The colour of death.....

P.S.--One of the poems when I have those mood swings.Plzzzz do not give any negative comments..

Why Why Why???

This is one of the poems that I wrote some two years back. But I still love the theme. Do not remember why I wrote it down but it was written when I was no good at this art(I ain't any good even now but improving)......

Also, I lost the second half of this poem 'coz the paper was lost(not was in my pocket and then the jeans just paid a visit to the washerman who at least did not fall in love with it....guess if he even understood it or not.......who the hell wants a ain't gonna fetch any let it be there.... and when I found it, you can imagine in what condition it would have poor darling had been ripped of her chastity(i know the one word for this phrase but do not find it decent enough to use)....however i was able to retrieve this small portion.... anyways , no further talks....just read the poem but one more request...
As the quotation goes "A poem is never finished,only abandoned", so anyone who wants to add anything can do so in the reply section......

Why do we always remember what we want to forget?
Why don't we achieve something which we would love to get?
Why is it that every question comes with more than one reply?
And why is it that the obvious answer is not the one that we try?
Why does every dream turn out to be a nightmare?
Why do we neglect them, who most about us care?
Why don't the expressions on the face reflect what is true?
Why do you look for faults in others, before you find it in you?
Why does keeping expectations from someone seldom gives us pain?
And why do we enjoy to bear that pain again and again?

Some more poems shall I be posting...Keep visiting....


Sunday, August 24, 2008


That's my hi to all of you who are reading this and if like it, are going to recommend to some of your friends. Hey!! coincidentally that was the first ever program I wrote too which was "print hello world"(I guess for many of us that was what our first question was in the programming class). So I use the same words yet again to introduce myself. As they say, History repeats itself and that life is a big circle and everything comes back to where it started and blah blah blah!!!!. Don't worry this ain't gonna be a blog where u gonna read such big philosophies or fundaes(i love this word) of life though I can be philosophical at times(trust me or ask someone who knows me well).

Par maine achanak se hi ye karne ki kyun sochi? Iski kuch wajah

Bahut dinon se bore ho raha tha, wasn't able to find something new to do and had in mind of starting my own blog(oh!! I love the OWN feeling). So here I am, just another blogger or just another guy ready to share his views, his ideas, his dreams, his ambitions ,his ...... screeech!!! halt. Don't think any further.

The other reason is my love for this beautiful art of writing. I love writing, be it poems, a short article, or my diary(in fact I have two of them!!!, planning of starting a third one). But for past few months, I haven't been able to find some SOI(source of inspiration) which shall force me to continue and I made these half hearted attempts at leaving it. But like a devoted lover it has been with me all the time, in happiness and pain, in winter and rain, in laughter and cries, in sorrows and joys and I am not going to ditch it again...

Since this is an introduction, I would like to tell you something about me.

I love to dream and I do have lots of dreams too, just like many other people do. In my dreams I have been everyone, from Shahrukh Khan in arms of Deepika(sighs) to Mike Tyson chewing off the ears of Holyfield, from Mr. Kalam in the Rashtrapati Bhavan to myself in a place that I have never visited which is very beautiful. I have had sweet dreams to gruesome dreams. I have had weird dreams. In one of my dreams, I see myself being chased by dogs, in one of them I am standing when all of a sudden, the ground from beneath my feet just vanishes. But still I love every dream of mine. I know they have some significance in my life, probably I am going to be a big criminal, that's why I get chased by dogs or probably my death is written by falling from a height, that's why the ground vanishes from underneath my feet. Or maybe I am destined to be the President of India, the other two I may writeoff as my wild imaginations(Oh Deepika...sighs again). The summary of the above bullshits is ki Kisi jamane mein sheikh chilli tha, abhi aap mujhe unka modern avataar or in one of my friends' language "lateshht version" keh sakte ho.

I love myself, more than anyone. There is a dialogue in Jab We Met where Kareena Kapoor says "Main apni favorite hoon," Well, I do use the same sentence quite often with a small change, the gender change-apni becomes apna. And its worth it. I mean, there are a lot many things in life which you can't share with your mom or dad,your brother or sister or your friends. There are a lot many times when you want to cry but even you know that noone will understand. There are a lot of jokes which you think of and which you feel are humorous but when you say that to someone, the response is-"Ganda KP kiya be." There are a lot many fears in your heart which you cannot explain to others. At those moments, you go back to your shell, where you find the coziness, the unknown pleasure, nothing in world can be more precious than your own space. Believe me, the strength that love for yourself generates makes you come across any troubles, any problems that you are facing.

My weakness is my emotional nature. Friends close to me believe that it's my strength but I know its the one thing that has held me back from a lot of things. I love these few lines which I wrote once on the same--

"A tear drop fell from my eye,
It rolled down my cheeks,
And I felt the warmth,
That even pain could give"

I think that's a long enough introduction and I must stop before you stop reading it. I'll be posting, though I guess that won't be very frequent 'coz I have this time constraint, juggling a lot many MBA prepartation, improving my Attendance figures(which at the moment are very scary.. more so 'coz I am a 9 pointer and I am not supposed to be there in the lower strata.... why do people assume so much about you... I mean is it written somewhere that a good student must attend classes... bhai padh likh kar kisi ka bhala hua hai zamane mein... aap hi bolo). Then I need to watch the movies that I have stacked in my hard drive and which had they been humans, would have started feeling neglected by now. So you see I am so busy and to find time for blogging would be difficult. But still I will try!!!!!

Signing off!!!!

P.S.Don't be in any kind of confusion seeing my blog's title. My name Saket actually means the rare "Black Rose of heaven."