Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Am I Brave?

It was as though my nightmares had all come alive
My worst fears resurrected which had died
The shock hit me like a bolt and made me subside
Even the tears did not respond and silent were the cries

The fan, just like me, had bent and broken
It had bowed to bid the final goodbyes
The lights understood and had all gone dark
They did not want to disturb the peace in her eyes

Her eyes were open and the smile mocked me
I am at peace now, away from the world we despise
Will you not come again to find me
Wasn't your love real and will you abandon it now with a lie

She had said she would do it one day for me
And now the question lay there staring at me
Suicide is cowardice, all life I was taught
Can I do it now, could this brave I be?

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