Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Tribute

He had warned but my ambitions blinded me and I did not care
I did not take it lightly though for me this idea was there
Could anything happen to me, when in that crowd of foes
You, my friend, by my side, stood there.

I always thought that you believed in me
I was convinced by my own thoughts that you would support me
And if you would be there, helping me with everything
I could have made anything work, even when conditions would toughest be

I would not call this betrayal, it will demean you
I still love you because I know this wasn't personal for you
And I know that you still love me, even after all of this
I promise I'll come back to you; the end, though it may seem, is not this

The blood empties out of my veins, 'tis the coming true of my worst fears
My life is not just what I lose, I have lost my dear brother
Tell them not to mourn for me, tell them not to shed tears
Alas! "Et tu, Brute? Then die Caesar"

I have always loved the play Julius Caesar, as a student and even now, when I have grown up. This is my tribute to it. I thought that if Julius Caesar had a few more seconds to live, what would he have said to Brutus. This is what I could think of.  
Warning: This may not be accurate considering historic facts but is rather solely an admirer( of the book and its larger than life characters)'s point of view.
(pic: Morte di Giulio Cesare, 1798 by Vincenzo Camuccini, courtesy Wikimedia Commons)