Monday, December 31, 2012


In this cold city of gloom
In this zombie walk towards doom
You raise a toast for the new day
You smile as you walk your chosen way

The sun somewhere rises to burn down everything it hates
But for the clouds of corruption, which thou call fate
Aren't you a part of this, a small cog in the chain
And you think you can wash your sins,
In this light drizzle which you call rain

Ah! for the hypocrite in you who starts believing in what he says
For he wants to be revered, respected
Like that shiny medal put on display
Like that inanimate object, it cares not for the feeling
Of the hurt, the beaten, the fallen who wanted to keep running

Let the hammer fall hard on the nail of the coffin which is yours
Let the stampede run you down so that you never rise
Let this meandering river find new tributaries and the right course
Let the anger be there for long and does not subside

We've been walking for long on the road to perdition
As if we have chosen this path towards eternal damnation
And haven't we been successful in making this a hell
For long, haven't we been singing the devil's rendition
Let the darkness go away now,
Lest the devil himself starts ringing the death knell.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

डरता है

अंधेरों में छुपे साये सा अस्तित्व
जो रौशनी में आने को तरसता है पर अपने ही अकेलेपन से डरता है
आँखों में बंद उस सपने सा कोमल
जो  सच का उजाला देखना चाहता है पर आँखें खुलने से डरता है
दिनकर के सातवें अश्व सा निरंतर चलन्त
जो सांस लेना चाहता है पर जिसके रुकने से संसार भी डरता है
चेहरे पर पड़े वो अधूरे सच के नकाब सा व्यक्तित्व
जो निकाल फेंकना चाहता है पर पूरे सच से डरता है
यादों की संदूक में बंद उन चुभती कीलों सा कठोर
जिन्हें मिटा देना तो चाहता है पर उन स्निग्ध स्मृतियों को खोने से डरता है

जो जानता और समझता है कि क्या है उस पार
जिसे उस जन्नत की हकीक़त मालूम है


दिल को समझाने को ये खयाल भी क्या कम अच्छा है ..

प्रेरणा --

"हमको मालूम है जन्नत की हकीकत लेकिन,

दिल को समझाने को ग़ालिब ये ख्याल अच्छा है "
                                                                              ---------मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब

Friday, September 28, 2012

इस शहर में

वो दूर ढलते सूरज के लाल आसमान में
वो नीले सागर के अपने से सन्नाटे में
वो लौट कर आती कश्तियों में
वो घर जाते पंछियों के चहचहाने में
कुछ खास है इस शहर में, कुछ खास है इस शहर में

वो खुद में खोये हज़ारों शख्सों में
वो एक दूसरे में संसार पाए चन्द रूहों में
वो अचानक से बारिश की पड़ती बूंदों में
वो हवा के बालों को छूकर चले जाने में
वो हाथ छुडाते वीराने में, उस गले लगाते अपनेपन में
कुछ खास है इस शहर में, कुछ खास है इस शहर में

वो ऊँचे ऊँचे मकानों में दूसरों से बेपरवाह ज़िन्दगियों में
वो सबसे बड़ी झुग्गी का तमगा पाए लाखों उम्मीद भरी अंखियों में
वो रफ़्तार से सामंजस्य बिठाने में डूबे हताश कोशिशों में
वो हज़ारों के जवाब ना पा सके उन लाखों सवालों में
इस अफसानों के शहर में, इन अनजानों के शहर में
कुछ खास है इस शहर में,कुछ तो खास है इस शहर में

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Scene: Night before the A/Cing Test

Starts off with the giggle of a girl

Guy (talking on the phone): 
Kisi ke dard par na hanso itna
Ke hansne se pet mein dard lage uthna
Hamare gham mein shariq ho do aansoo baha do
Gar itna bhi na kar sako to humein accounting padha do

Girl (on the other side of phone):
Tumhare gham mein to hai kuchh anokhi baat
Ke hansi hi aati hai, please don't mind that
Padha to doon par do tell me this
How will I come in this heavy Mumbaiyya barsaat

Guy :
Kyun kiya tha eBay par wo order umbrella ka
Jab zaroorat padne par bhool jao uska pata
Jaao ke hum tumhare bina hi padh lenge
Tum na ho to kya group dynamics ke sahare is toofan se bhi ubar lenge

Girl :
Tumhari shayari ke hum ho gaye hain kayal
Kabhi hamari tareef mein bhi barsa diya karo ye shabdon ke baadal
Ab to bhool hi gaye tum pyaar bhari baatein karna
Chalo jane do
Padh lena and apne bagal wali seat mere liye bacha kar rakhna

Had prepared this for TOPA but a better idea came up and hence scrapped this. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Let It Be

Fake laughs and fake smiles, fake expressions hiding the internal fight
The ever so calm appearance but with clamor do you yourself identify
What's real, do you know yourself? Is this what you wanted to be like?
Even happiness hurts you, into what have you turned inside?
Will you ever let those shouts out, deep down which you hide?
And those tears that swell, will you ever let the barrier be broken by that tide?

It's time you let yourself know what you are
It's time you be brave and face all those lies
How long can you wrestle with self, how long will the chaos win the fight
Let yourself win for once, let not your soul always die.

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(An internal chaos leads to the dual personality. However, one denies the existence of other. The countenance hides this internal fight and never lets someone understand the plight) 

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Dream On

Dream on sire! Dream on!
For there is no dearth of heart's desire.
Some have the highest mountains won.
Some have, unflinched, walked on fire.
And it was their dreams that spurred them on.
Kept their feet moving even when they got tired.

Dream on! Dream on sire!
While the world shall rage its war against our labour.
'coz those who've dreamt have won kingdoms entire.
Their doubters enslaved, they've risen as their emperors.
For it was none but their dreams that fuelled the fire.
Converted the meek gatherer into a wild hunter.
Suppressed the fears and turned him into a killer.

Dream on sire! Dream on!
For we'll bid our time for fruition.
You've struggled and survived since you were born.
For ambitions that understood no explanations, no reason.
So the night shall disappear with arrival of dawn.
And brightness shall help to realise your vision.

Won't you run that extra yard?
Won't you jump a little higher?
You shall conquer and raise all the bars.
As long as you dream sire...

('coz dreams are always more beautiful than reality and inspire you to erase that boundary)

...with inputs from Subhra who urges you to dream on too. Also, Moha joins the party.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Am I Brave?

It was as though my nightmares had all come alive
My worst fears resurrected which had died
The shock hit me like a bolt and made me subside
Even the tears did not respond and silent were the cries

The fan, just like me, had bent and broken
It had bowed to bid the final goodbyes
The lights understood and had all gone dark
They did not want to disturb the peace in her eyes

Her eyes were open and the smile mocked me
I am at peace now, away from the world we despise
Will you not come again to find me
Wasn't your love real and will you abandon it now with a lie

She had said she would do it one day for me
And now the question lay there staring at me
Suicide is cowardice, all life I was taught
Can I do it now, could this brave I be?

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

बुरा ना देखो..

चन्द आँखों ने देखा और मुंह मोड़ लिया
चन्द कानों ने सुना और हाथों से खुद को ढँक लिया
चन्द अल्फाज़ निकले पर किसी की समझ ना आये
मानो शब्द ही गुम हो गए कोष से उनके
आज़ादी की दुर्दशा है ये देखो
गाँधी के इस देश में
सब उनके बन्दर बन गए

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