Thursday, February 05, 2009

Loved and Lost


A.1: She woke up early. It was a special day for her. She had waited for this day for so long and was very excited. She took out the gift box, carefully gift wrapped and placed it on the breakfast table near his plate and waited for him. But he did not come. She saw him walk out from his room and then through the main gate, all dressed up for office. Then she heard his car start and he was gone.  

Didn’t he even remember? Could he not have just talked to me? Was I wrong in thinking that even he loved me? Whats the use now of this?

She tore the gift wrap and the letter. The words love and husband which existed together on the same paper were now separated.

B.1: He stepped into the hallway making no sound. No one was there. She must have gone out to the neighbor’s house or for some shopping. Ohh!! He could not wait any longer. Then he saw an envelope lying on the table and picked it up.


C.1: They had been married now for 3 years. It was an arranged marriage and both of them had been forced by their respective families to tie the knot to which they had reluctantly agreed. But they had been frank and honest to each other and told them about their individual past. They had then decided to let the relationship continue for as long as one didn’t want it to end as it was impossible for either of them to go back to their old lives. They were initially not happy with the situation and definitely not in love with each other. They compromised, often got frustrated with whatever was happening around them, why were they not getting what they wanted. Then they learnt to live with each other, helping the other person in their work and small stuffs like that. Small efforts, little shows of affection and care showed its effect.  Slowly, they were happy together and no more considered the relationship a burden. And then they fell in love with each other but neither was able to understand what the other person felt for them as neither of them expressed their feelings.


A.2: She went to her cupboard and took out an envelope. She placed it exactly where she had placed the box. And then she walked out of thedoor.


B.2: He called her but there wasn’t any reply. He remembered how he had rushed in the early morning and bought the most beautiful thing he could imagine for her. He wanted to give it to her and express his feelings at that time but his office work just did not spare him. All day long, he thought of surprising her and thinking about how she would react to that. Now, he was home but she was not there. He cursed his neighbors. And then he saw the envelope lying on the table. He picked it up, tore it open and found a few papers inside it. There was a letter also inside. It was small, only 3 lines long and read—

“I just found a new job for me which is much bigger and better than the one I have now. I’ll have to leave the city. Let’s call an end to this little play of ours.”

The documents lying there had the heading – “DIVORCE.”

He sat down on the chair.

Didn’t she even remember? Could she not just have talked to me? Was I wrong in thinking that even she loved me? Whats the use now of this?

He threw the box on the table and signed the divorce papers which already had her signatures on them. The box dropped and the diamonds fell on the floor. A note slipped out which read – “Happy Anniversary Darling.”