Saturday, June 04, 2011

Honour in Killing?

It's a proud day for me, the smile on my face shows it
Today I stand amidst these unknown angry people
Knowing that I am like those few
Who also had to face the wrath in their lives
For standing for what they believed in
Just like me, they were hated, punished and killed
But history tells us that these were the ones who brought changes
Who were crowned martyrs, saints and patriots
Some day they will realise why I did that
And why I had to do it
That day, they will acknowledge me as a hero
But even if that day comes not, it won't matter
I'll know I didn't die in vain
I died for my principles, I martyred for our "honour."

Face cut, bruise marks on the body, black eyed and handcuffed
He looked as though there can't be a hell worse than that
And yet his half opened eyes were gleaming from satisfaction
The smile on his lips conveyed the happiness he felt from his action
The mere thought of which disgusted me
Seeing him so, turned that into anger
Till that day he was a loving brother
That day he turned a hated killer
He proved that the strongest hatred
Had roots lying in the strongest love
How could he do so and even more, justify it?
Why was there no remorse for an act, so gruesome?

They had to die, I killed them to protect our honour --- he said
And in this way, a dangerous path for others he laid
One that shall be tread upon by so many others who are blind and misguided
Please stop them, punish them --

For the honour of those; in the name of honour who are dead.

Part 1 is loosely based on excerpts from newspapers and built up on that. Not all of it can be verified.
Part 2 is my Point of View and a little imagination.
Pic courtesy : Mohit Bhutra