Monday, April 06, 2009

All I Need .... is a Little More

I don't know whether its good or bad, rhyming or not but I took my pen and started scribbling. This was the outcome. Though its a bit personal but do lemme know how you felt after reading it. Also excuse me if my language here is not decent enough.

How I wish today that I could have just another day
Just another moment to savour
Just another discussion to remember
Another day to be together
Another day of celebrations and joy
Another moment of happiness and fun

Those frequent visits to Madhuban or Misky's
Those sneaking to Juice Point during the lab classes
Those "Counter Strike" sessions, all so long
Or playing cards while the exams are on
Or simply sitting in a room having a Khatti
Or playing Holi with each other, enjoying while getting dirty
Watching movies together (and also sleeping thro' some of it)
And kicking each other's asses, Oh! we all loved it
The Gujju--Bihari--Oriya war of words
Or the nicknames that shall never be forgot
The copying of assignments from the master copy
And then cursing the "No. 1" for why was it so lengthy
Those birthday bumps or the placement celebrations as the beating
Will be definitely missed by everyone

Always getting the attendance from Bhagwaan Sir 
For just coming to class before it ended
And also remaining outside the gates in periods of Thermodynamics
'coz CalC was what you forgot 
Or came late by a minute and outside the closed gates were left stranded

Saying "Don't Knows" during the Vivas to the amusement of the teachers
Doing "Mass Bunks" and switching off the phone
To delay the scolding and ass-whooping for as long as I can

The innumerable no. of quizzes where we participated (and lost)
It definitely was an achievement, thought not something we wished for
The scolding we got on the point of decency
Or the celebration and joy on the Fresher's Party Victory

Asking for the notes to get it xeroxed during exams
Always cursing the teacher and the course -- "Syllabus is very long"
Reading always on the night or day before exams
And then saying -- "Dude, preparation time should have been more"
And all during those times, the enjoyment in staying together
Never did I think that this day would come ever

And now that it's all about to end,
When the curtains are about to be drawn,
When the lights shall be switched off,
And everybody moves in different directions,
To discover new dreams, to find new destinations,
All alone now we'll do it, without them whom we've loved,
It would be difficult to forget these years,
When happiness was increased with them smiling around me, 
When I felt relieved after talking to them about my fears,
All those memories will find a plzce inside my heart,
And keep it going as I go on continuing with my life.....




suvra said...

dude...this is F#$*ing fabulous.(xcuz me 4 my feelings out of control.) t best comes out of t blue.
Loved it....mmmmmaauhzzzz.too good.


P.S:tnsn na le.change is inevitable.that's wat u said,n' that's wat i believe.things will b fine.u knw,i knw..every1 knws.chill.

Saket said...

@subhra -- thanks a lot for the wonderful reaction!!
You always are the first to comment and whether I like what I have written or not, your comments make me think again about it.

Waise u telling me abt being chill.. I'll keep this in mind.

Nick said...

Too damn brilliant!!
Genius is too small a word to for u.
Dis one went right through the heart.

P.S.dont forget we also share memories that cannot be forgotton and will not b.

shwetabh said...

abe yaar....i am nearly drawn to tears after reading this. if you can imagine the feeling of your own thoughts being described by someone in a way you never ever could have dreamed, you know what i am talking about. Another gr8 piece from a gr8 friend and a gr8 writer.

Saket said...

@Nick--Thanks a lot!! And I know you are exaggerating ur words in calling me a genius. But I will take that compliment.
We share memories that are precious as well. But this was rather a dedication to my class and hostel life(though I find no reason why you can't find a similarity with ur life.. or anyone in particular)

@Shwetabh-- Stop crying dude!! It doesn't look good. Chill maar!! Itni jaldi tera peecha nahi chhodne wala hoon. And thanks for calling me(twice) and my poem(once) gr8 but no. 1 to ek hi hai. Even the numero uno knows who he is..

vinkesh said...

Dude I fell down from my bed laughing louder than MOHA .. AGAIN .. HA HA HA HA ..

Saket said...

@venki-- kya yaar!! serious post ki to tune wo hi kar di. ab agar main kuch funny likhoonga tab tu royega kya?
neway, thnx 4 commenting

shwetabh said...

abe seedhe seedhe likh na ki post ki maachis jala di... ;)

DOM!N!C said...

Gud thing it doesn't rhyme ......
this unconstrained flow of emotions and the hidden meanings between all the blabber is enough 2 bring tears 2 n e one's eyes .....(NOT MINE OFCOURSE U SISSIES )

truly a poem which can only b enjoyed by us

Peace Out

Saket said...

@abhi-I also don't want you to cry, in fact anyone to cry. Just enjoy it. It was blabber and emotions coming straight out of the heart and yet I missed quite a few things like Atmaram and classes in Law Building. Would like you to bring those out in one of ur creations.

DOM!N!C said...

surely man
nostalgia can be best expressed in poems
will sure do tht

Siddhartha said...

Saket I am the last person here and in someways I am happy...Saket I cant even start on how this poem killed and broke my heart and at the same time gave me tears of joy.....Saket u rock buddy......Keep it up....And for F**k's sake keep writing...

Saket said...

Don't worry buddy. You'll never see me stopping now. but i didn't mean to break ur heart or for that purpose anyone's. you knw how much i love ya all. hv already started missing you guys. its so lonely. want the hostel days back even tho i knw these are just wishes that even god won't listen to now. hoping to catch you on 24th, Mahaquizzer. i'll try to be there in bhubaneswar that day.


stonecold said...

I m the last person probably to write a comment on this blog. a month has passed since we met n it seems like a year after reading this. it filled my memory with some happy thoughts n nostalgia. good work buddy. just keep writing u r too good. c u soon.