Monday, September 27, 2010

You and I

Dedicated to Siddhartha Mohapatra aka Moha aka Hoha and Abhinav Bakhla aka Dominic aka (i won't say that)

"In my dreams one night,
I saw you standing by my side
I could not recognize you at first
In those tattered clothes, you looked emaciated
You were not even a shadow of your former self
You used to be a king once and ruled your subject
You made decisions, bold and strong
Just like yourself, they stood firm and tall
Why, then, were you not able to withstand those falls?
How were the adversities able to break you so bad?
You fell on your face in the dust of hopelessness
And then gave up on trying to lift yourself.
How could you get so weak at once?
Why did you lose the hope so sudden?
I worry about you but this too I think
That you didn't lose because of yourself.
Somewhere I was also to be blamed
Maybe I am afraid or it is something I don't yet understand.
But still I'll always have this one question for you,
Why, did  you, my dreams and ambitions leave your control over me?
Why ,did you, my hopes and aspirations let go off me?"


This is in reply to

A special note to the persons who inspired me to write this. I am not as brave as you Sid and Abhinav for you have taken a bold step which I am afraid, I don't have strength enough to take.But I will wish and pray that you achieve every success that you've dreamt of. Extremely proud of you buddy. All my best wishes are with you. Go conquer the Everest.


DOM!N!C said...

"i m cryin a bit over here "

suvra said...

Finally got it!!!
reply -personal.

Siddhartha said...

After going through these torrent of emotions buddy what more is there to say....

Saket Ranjan said...

@abhinav : stop cryin and make others cry. thanks for feeling the emotions of the poem and pray you do justice to your decision.

@sid : sometimes silence makes the loudest sound. ur silence has spoken well enough for me to understand. wish you luck