Thursday, December 08, 2016


It's a calming feeling, Poseidon calling my name
What's left of you to fight, come, they've lost the game

Hold my hand warrior, they've taken your Rome
Close your eyes, my son and let the water take you home

It's been years since I've seen my mother
Since I left my land of songs and dance
I've lost sleep, in my dreams visions overlap each other
Whose curse was it that stole my last chance

It would have been my hour of glory
When I push the dagger into his blasphemous heart
They would have written ballads, told my story
But I listened to him who called this war a farce

And now I'm drowning, there won't be a song
To remember me, I'll be forgotten before it's long

Come, embrace me father and guide my lost soul
Hold me in your arms, I'm tired and old
The world has killed the child you loved
But don't abandon me now, you're all I've got


Been long since I put up something. Did not want to abandon this place, so paying this visit. Will try to come back again soon. 

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