Friday, September 12, 2008

A Tragic Love Story-4

Things had changed. The biggest change was that Emily had started seeing some other guy. One day William went to meet her at her house and found her sitting with this guy. He was shocked. Emily introduced him as Roger, her schoolmate who had come to the city to meet her. She told him that they were very close friends. He often accompanied her to the college too. Will did not like it, which was pretty obvious but never complained. He was waiting for her birthday which was just around the corner to ask for forgiveness and convey his true feelings to her.

It was her birthday that day. He waited for her at the college but she didn’t come. He waited at the college gate for hours and then checked in the classroom, then the coffee parlor. Nowhere could she be found. Finally, he decided to go to her house. He knocked at the door. After a long time, Emily’s parents came to the door . He could also see Roger standing in the drawing room but there was no sign of Emily.

“Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Wright.”

“Good evening, William. What are you doing here at this time?” Emily’s father said.

“Well, I came to meet Emily. It’s her birthday and I kept waiting for her in the college but she didn’t turn up. So, I came here.....”

“You are right. It’s her birthday. And do you know why she didn’t go to college today.”


“You are the reason. She didn’t go to the college today because she didn’t want to meet you today. She said it would spoil her day. So, you see, one thing that is clear from this is that she does not want to see you again. Moreover, Roger was there today with her all day. They seem to be very happy with each other. I think she likes him and he is very good to her too. So, I would request you to stop disturbing my daughter and leave her alone.”

William stood there like stone. It was as if he had heard his death sentence and just could not believe that. The jury had read the sentence. However, the most important thing was that he wasn’t told his crime for which he had been punished.

“But sir, can I just meet her once?”

“No,” and the door was slammed right in his face. He stood there for a while and then came back to his house.

After a few days, as he was sitting in the class, Emily came up to him. She threw a letter on his desk and said, “Please read this and do as I have asked you to.”

As if her parents had not said enough, the letter completed the job. It read:

Mr. William,

I don’t know what you are thinking or what you are doing but I don’t like it. I remember, you once told me that you didn’t like anyone interfering in your life but why don’t you have the same principle for others. Why do you keep disturbing and disrupting my life? Maybe you are not happy to see me happy. You never loved me and now that I’ve found love, you won’t allow that love to come in my life. How can you be so selfish?

Yes, you’re selfish. You use people till they are of any use and then you discard them like old clothes. You abuse your mother, the one who adopted you and made you capable enough to be what you are today. You didn’t even attend her funeral. How cruel and selfish. You abuse your biological parents. Don’t you know that you would not have even been on the earth if they had not wanted you to come? You talk to everyone but say that no one is your true friend. You don’t even respect your friends who are there with you and for you.

And most importantly, you have never respected me. You almost assumed that I would always be there for you and so you neglected me. How I hate to see myself so helpless when I was with you. You dominated every moment we were together, never thought about me. And now I have had enough of it. Enough of waiting, enough of listening to your useless talks. I hate it now and I hate you too because you have made me feel so low.

This is the last request that I’m making to you. Please don’t ever try to talk to me or even come near me. I have forgotten everything and want you to forget everything, too. I could have told this to you but I don’t even want to talk to you, leave aside accepting your wishes. You are a dark spot which I am trying to erase and I will certainly do that. Bye.


Had he been alone at that time, he would have definitely cried. The only person that he cared for did not care about him any more. He was crestfallen. The whole day he thought of what was written in that letter. He had never felt that bad in his entire life. He read it again and again, and every time he read it, his determination became stronger. He would not talk to her, show that even he hated her. Though it would be difficult but at least that would make her happy. That was all he wanted.

After that, he never talked to her; rather, he never even looked at her. They both graduated. William got a good job in some other city. He left the city as soon as it was possible and never came back for a long time. He wanted to forget everything but it was impossible for him to do so. So, after three years when he thought that she would have probably settled in her new life and might have forgotten him, he came back to the city to meet her.

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oye!!khud toh itna sad sad cheez likhta hai...[sob][sob]...aur mujhe bolta hai......but it's wonderful buddy...our happiest songs are those which tell us our saddest thoughts...don't u agree....