Monday, September 15, 2008

A Tragic Love Story-5

This is the last part of the story. Please give me your reviews 'coz they do matter a lot. Actually thats what keeps me going. So if you liked it, please appreciate it. And if you did not like it, please give your frank opinion. But do give your comments............................

This was the day when he had returned to find the entire city changed. Not many faces was he able to recognize but he didn’t care. He was worried about not being able to find the one face he had come searching for. He then went to her house but found it locked. Still wanting to find out where she was, he asked her neighbors who recognized him too. They told him that she had been married off to some rich guy and lived in another city. They didn't know anything else.

He was disappointed but he didn’t lose heart. He wanted his only friend back in his life. He wanted to ask her for forgiveness. He wanted to talk to her. Now that she was married, she can probably forget the past and just accept him as a friend. Thinking about all of this, he went to meet a very close friend of hers who, he thought, might know her address.

He knocked at the door. She herself opened the door and was surprised to see him.

“William, is that you? Where have you been”

“Yeah!!! It’s me, but if you could just excuse me, we can have the introduction and all the stories later. Can you tell me where Em is living now with her husband?”


“Yes, she was married. Don’t you know?”

“Of course I know but how did you get to know that? She asked us to never tell you about that.”

“Please Rose; I don’t have time for all these stories. Can you just give me her address. I just want to meet her this last time.”

“But she wanted that I should never tell you.”

“Please; for once, do this favor. I will be grateful to you for my entire life.”

“William, I am sorry but ......”

“Please Rose,” he was almost begging. “Please..... I need to see her, meet her, talk to her. I will never be able to live happily if she does not forgive me. Let me see her once and I promise, I won’t disturb any of you ever again. I haven't been in peace for the past three years. Have mercy on me. Just once, please.....” and he stood there; so helpless, so weak.

She turned her face away. Actually she was crying. Then she said, “Emily was never angry at you William, so there’s no point of asking for her forgiveness.”

“Then what was that letter for...,” he said with a surprise.

“Wait for a moment,” she said and went to her room.

“Here, I hope you will find all your answers. Sorry Emily, but I have to do this,” and she handed him an envelope, sealed.

He tore it open and found yet another letter addressed to him.

Dearest William,

If you ever happen to read this, then I will probably assume that Roz wasn't as strong as I had imagined her to be. Though I have shown my weakness too by writing this letter but what else can I do. After you have read this, I want you to be strong and if possible, forgive me for all my faults, for being angry at you, for hiding everything from you and for making you feel humiliated and sad at times. And believe me love, all those days I had cried much more than any other time. To see you in pain was so hard for me but I had to do it. And I will tell you why.

By the time you read this letter, I am sure that I would be no more alive. Yes darling, I have cancer and I am dying (probably dead by now) but I did not want to tell you about that. I did not want you to lose someone you love. From your life, the one thing that I have come to know is that you really care about things that you like but at the same time, you don’t care about those whom you hate. So, I changed my behavior so that you started hating me and then my death would not have made any effect on you. Though I was not sure that you would fall in the trap or even believe all those fake incidents but to my relief, you believed them or was it that you still had doubts about the genuineness of all that was going on. I still like believing that you just did all that because I asked you to do so and you never believed one word that was written in that letter.

You would probably remember Roger. He was not my friend or boyfriend. He was my doctor who was trying desperately to give me few more days of my own life. He helped me all through the period when I was trying to act so rudely to you. Everyday he would see me cry and then come up and say –“If you want him happy, you have to do this. You have to be brave. You must be happy because the more you are happy, the more will the medicines work to good effect and the more days will you be able to see him.”

The chance to see you for few more days was reason enough for my life. Even after the day that you never talked to me, I used to watch you. I could feel the anger, the disappointment you had but never saw any hatred for me. At times, I thought of telling you everything but then stopped myself thinking that probably I am going to live for just a few days more, why should I ruin your life. You know, when I came to know about your job, I was so happy that I wanted to dance. That I did which made me so weak that I wasn’t able to get up from my bed for a week. Probably you didn’t notice my absence but I am absolutely fine with it. That was what I wanted.

I remember you came to wish me on my birthday. I was down with one of those fevers that I used to have very frequently and was looking very pale. I wasn’t even able to walk on that day. Had you seen me that day, you would have probably found out about my disease. So, my parents behaved so rudely that day. I wanted to see you, to meet you, to talk to you but was so helpless.

You must be thinking that why am I telling all this to you now. You must be thinking that if I didn’t have this much trust on you at that time, why am I trying to tell all of it to you now. But believe me Will; I never wanted to hide anything from you. You meant everything to me. You were my world. You were my life and seeing this life drift away from me; rather forcing my life to leave me was much more painful than the disease. I want you to know that that I could have never hated you or disliked anything you did. I had loved you when I didn’t know you well, I loved you more when I came to know you, I still love you when you are not here with me and I will love you till my last breath. That is what I want you to know. I will hope that you lead a wonderful life and achieve everything you ever wanted. Don’t forget me even if I am gone. Good bye Love.


He had read it for thousands of times but wasn’t still able to believe that she was gone. Tears were continuously flowing down his eyes. He had known everything only when he didn’t want to know it. He had found his love only after he had lost her forever. He sat there watching the sunset. The sun of his life had set and the darkness that it had filled in his life would never be removed ever.

The End..............But does love end after life or after a breakoff... Thats a question I throw to you. Please be honest while replying.... Waiting for your replies.......


roson said...

hii dude...
dnt stop ur creative thoughts ,,let these comes out tht we all are flowing in it..
gud 1
alwys try better
carry on

Saket said...

thank you. it is ur encouragements that keep me going. i'll try to do better next time

Dead_Man said...

masto story..u hv brought out the emotions very well.
carry on dude!

Saket said...

@dead man- thanx abhay, i hope to carry on :)

Dibyendu said...

So th story of ANAND returns once again but in quite a different manner. The assumption of people like Em that by hiding their problems from ppl they love will keep them happier or less sad or watever is not sumthin new. I happens everywhere around us. William feels shitted upon 2wice, each time after reading a letter. Now he is in a paradox. He wud love to hate her but can't. Newez I wud request from a blogger of ur calibre(The expression n story telling are immaculate) not to glorify such cowardice.

Saket said...

@dib - I will tend to differ on your opinion. I do not consider this as cowardice. I feel that intense love can make you take the pain very easily. On the other hand, you also cannot allow that pain to be felt by others(esp.the ones u love) as it increases the feeling of guilt that you have. I only glorified love and I don't think I made a mistake.

Saket said...

@everyone - Please stop asking me why I chose such Elizabethan names. I do not myself know. The closest justification that I can give is that the girls' names were lifted off from the name of a horror flick : The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Dibyendu said...

"On the other hand, you also cannot allow that pain to be felt by others(esp.the ones u love) as it increases the feeling of guilt that you have"
This statement of urs further strengthens my stand that Em here thot only of HER pain n HER Guilt not his pain. In any case y shoud we assume that that pain wud have been more than wat he had to suffer now?

Saket said...

@dib revisited -- Alright, I may not be able to change ur views but then this story was written from my viewpoint. And two people can have different way of looking at the same thing. I completely respect your opinion and whatever u want to bring to notice but at the same time, I stand by what I wrote and am strong on my opinion too. And as a mature person I know its impossible for a discussion/debate to end on any topic 'coz the people involved hardly are influenced so much by the other man's opinion that they change their own.

Dibyendu said...

Ye to srs ho gaya be!!

Saket said...

nothing serious yaar....kabhi kabhi funda marne mein mazaa aata hai :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

hey!I like the story... even though it's like 'Anand' and a bit like 'A Walk to Remember' I like the way you've written it.

And about your question... well I think love has to be undying... it's not like someone like your Will will never love again, it's more the fact that Will will never forget Emily... And break-off, well most break ups end with good friendships, if it's not too awkward...