Friday, October 28, 2011

Dark is this night

Since Google is deleting Buzz forever, I could not have let this joint effort go away. To follow, a few more of the amazing work we did on Google Buzz. 

Dark is the night filled with dread
Dark is the road upon which I tread...

My feet sway wildly, so dizzy is my head
The hounds stare hungrily; desiring to be fed
The blood from my wound makes a trail
And dark that was the road now turns red...

The danger to me is not what I dread
It's the girl in my arms who'd have died instead
Her arduous breathing must not fail
'tis not in vain that i will have bled...

Upon my shoulder she rests her head
I can hardly discern her anguished breaths
She whispers weakly, "Oh! Why this happened?"
"Why were our lives torn into shreds?"

Her eyes start closing, a sudden fear grows within me
I shout in her ears, she does not even blink
I look around for help but not even a soul do I see
My mind starts racing, to save her is all that I can think

Were it not for her, I would not be
It's only through her that my past does link
The howl of the hounds breaks my reverie
Now the beasts are chasing us to the cliff's brink

I feel her slipping away
She whose life I held most dear
I pull her and gaze into her face
Her eyes are tearful and without fear

As I kiss her she kisses me back
With whatever strength's left of her
I whisper, “ It's better to leave them all
Then let go of each other.”

Heaving n' sighing,carrying her in my arms..I drag myself to the cliff's end
The sapphire silver skies shine at the deep dark abyss...
So is a choice born out of it staring back at me,needy,meagre n' simple though cruel n' a gamble
Peace has sheltered itself in fear
And of what is left,a li'l life , a few seconds worth of love so dear
Vouched with the lines,"till death do us apart." but death shall not be a chosen fate
Stripping of every piece of cloth on me n' her,stained in blood n' strongly smelling of rust..
I lay them on the edge.
the cold wave of autumn night cuts through my naked self.
I wrap my arms around her,and wit last ounce of living strength..
Reach for the cover of the bushes nearby..
The feral senses have come into play
n' so has my life tied in the threads of time.
Fear of death in love is fiercely powerful,but so is the lust to live....another second,every minute,carnal n' brutal in its last intensity

I look at her, so beautiful, nothing but pure innocence
And I think -- Will she ever love me again?
I look at myself, a beast is what I see
I know I am no worse than those chasing us
How could I even do this to her?
Why was I not able to reciprocate the love and trust she had?
I sit down, finding a shelter amongst the trees.
The darkness is not a fiend, but in disguise, acting like a friend
I start crying for I know this is the end.
I lost her the day I had betrayed her.
Even if she forgives me some day, I won't be able to forget her
And one thing that for sure is true
I can't go on living bearing this burden forever

I kiss her hand and say goodbye for one final time
Someone's gonna love you just like you deserve to be loved........

As I pull myself away, she holds my hand
She won't let go off me, but i know i have to go
i wish i could hold on to that hand forever
now that my feelings are true, i wish i could say all that to her
but the guilt prevents me from doing so before i tell her my truth
and that is the biggest punishment for my sins
i can't tell her that lest she never trusts anyone ever again

she calls out my name, i try to ignore
she pleads in her weak voice not to leave her alone
oh! i wish to die than hear her say that..
it's difficult for me to withhold anything from her
i hold her in my arms and tell her everything.
of the betrayal, of me not being what she always believed to be,
and the love which now is as true as was the deception
and then i stay silent, waiting for the judgement to be delivered
the wind rustles through the leaves and i can hear them whisper
Liar, cheat--- they call me and slap me hard
she opens her eyes and looks into mine, her lips open wide into a smile
"i know it all, sweetie and i have long forgiven you for that",she said
tears run down my eyes, she raises her hand and wipes them
"i love you and i don't regret that,
i don't need anyone or anything now that i have you by my side
you're my present and i worry not about the past
only if you promise to love me till death do us part"

The beasts roar, the sticks rattle
But soon it'll all be over
Rolling and heaving I feel her breaths
There's nothing left to fear
The moon casts a pale shadow
And the wind rustles in my hair
I cling onto her as she draws me near
The ground beneath seems tender and loving and inviting
Her eyes are luminous and bright and sparkling
I kiss her eyes as we fall through the skies;
And she whispers in my ear:
The end is here and there's nothing left to fear
The end is here and there's nothing left to fear


suvra said...

this one,we did the way we start a blog..
Proud man..very proud of us!!!

P.S-a nagging thght-we shud b doing this more often...

Saket Ranjan said...

@subhra: yeah, we should do this more often. everybody else, listening??