Sunday, November 06, 2011

Imli Khatti Meethe Ber

Absolutely no idea why I wrote this. The movie is so cliched. Any one watching it can predict what would happen. Yet, I would watch it on any given day than watch the utter nonsense that's being thrown at the audience in the name of star power and being called path breaking movies in the Hindi film industry. I would rather watch a Manmohan Desai "bichhudna-milna" drama which still is so much sought after. That probably is the reason why I wrote this.

Stop! Don't you compare us even for a while
I am not he and he is not I
Hell! We don't see each other eye to eye
We want to hurt the other even if we had to die
His smiles are the biggest whenever I cry
A moment of joy in my life, the walls of his house shudder
When his fist meets to bring them down with a try

Oh! What happened, please tell me! Don't lose your calm
Remember you were once like brothers in arms
Now you hurt each other like no one else could harm
Speak! Don't act like you don't give a darn!

Judge me wrong or judge me right
But I am not going to give up this fight
'Tis true once we stood side by side
Won a many, lost a few and together survived
Protected each other, shared the pains and even for each other we cried
But now no more, the feelings are gone, the tears have dried
The heart has locked itself away, the bonds all broken that held us tied

Don't ask me why this change has come
Don't ask me what of us has become
Don't choose a side for you'll never know
Who to choose as you saw us together grow
Don't try to stop what has already been started
Just watch till there comes the end
The end that neither of us wanted.


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