Saturday, November 05, 2011


"Ma, you said that butterflies are beautiful. Why is that one so ugly then?"

"It's not a butterfly, son. It's a moth."

"But it looks like a butterfly, doesn't it?"

"It is very similar to a butterfly. It has a life cycle same as a butterfly. It even does the same things as a butterfly, helping new plants to grow."

"Oh! Then I made a mistake by calling it ugly."

"And how is that?"

"Didn't you say that our beauty lies in the work we do? Then how can she be ugly?"

"No, she can't," she said and hugged him.

So very often as a child we thought that we could never make our parents feel proud except by getting good results. We never realised that the times we ran to our homes to bring that Dettol bottle and cotton to clean the wounds of a friend who got hurt or the times we asked our father to give a small change to the beggar or when we said something like above without realising how deeply meaningful it was, we made them feel proud of us. 'coz in the end, all they ever wanted was us to grow as a good human being.
This is a tribute to all parents without whose teachings we would not be what we are today.


suvra said...

beautiful...just like the moth.
thgh i wud love to knw the reason for this thght.
does put in motion a sense of nostalgia looking at our parents n ourselves .

P.S-I like being 1st...especially in this section...

Saket Ranjan said...

No reason as such!! Just a random observation putting the cycle of thoughts in motion.