Saturday, June 30, 2012

Let It Be

Fake laughs and fake smiles, fake expressions hiding the internal fight
The ever so calm appearance but with clamor do you yourself identify
What's real, do you know yourself? Is this what you wanted to be like?
Even happiness hurts you, into what have you turned inside?
Will you ever let those shouts out, deep down which you hide?
And those tears that swell, will you ever let the barrier be broken by that tide?

It's time you let yourself know what you are
It's time you be brave and face all those lies
How long can you wrestle with self, how long will the chaos win the fight
Let yourself win for once, let not your soul always die.

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(An internal chaos leads to the dual personality. However, one denies the existence of other. The countenance hides this internal fight and never lets someone understand the plight)