Thursday, March 08, 2012

Dream On

Dream on sire! Dream on!
For there is no dearth of heart's desire.
Some have the highest mountains won.
Some have, unflinched, walked on fire.
And it was their dreams that spurred them on.
Kept their feet moving even when they got tired.

Dream on! Dream on sire!
While the world shall rage its war against our labour.
'coz those who've dreamt have won kingdoms entire.
Their doubters enslaved, they've risen as their emperors.
For it was none but their dreams that fuelled the fire.
Converted the meek gatherer into a wild hunter.
Suppressed the fears and turned him into a killer.

Dream on sire! Dream on!
For we'll bid our time for fruition.
You've struggled and survived since you were born.
For ambitions that understood no explanations, no reason.
So the night shall disappear with arrival of dawn.
And brightness shall help to realise your vision.

Won't you run that extra yard?
Won't you jump a little higher?
You shall conquer and raise all the bars.
As long as you dream sire...

('coz dreams are always more beautiful than reality and inspire you to erase that boundary)

...with inputs from Subhra who urges you to dream on too. Also, Moha joins the party.

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1 comment:

suvra said...

Fantastic Basket...
and how well have you done it.
I tell you,we can never fail.
and you have infused more of every good thing,that the poem was supposed to portray.
need to more again,ASAP.
Keep Writing.