Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Candle Burning Bright..

I was watching this advertisement of Tata Tea titled "Jaago Re" where they emphasise on the fact that how every vote is important for the country as it helps us find the right government for us and if you are not voting, then you are sleeping. When I saw that, I remembered the candle march scene from the movie Rang De Basanti which actually inspired a real life scene, the silent protest that public showed towards the verdict meted out in the Jessica Lal case, their own way of demonstrating refusal to accept it. It showed that the Indians had understood the truth and wanted justice for the wrong that had been done. That was an awakening and definitely people had risen from sleep to fight for their rights 'coz in Jessica, they found themselves who could just be next for such Manu Sharmas. This is a tribute to them, the awakened people of India.

The candles extinguished finally, but the fire would continue to burn
This was their promise to the girl, a mute spectator, watching from heavens
In the hearts of of those who were there, witness and part of a silent revolution
But more than that, this was a vow taken by everyone to realize the freedom that was their,
And not just seek justice for one, which had been denied
But to make them believe that a change was in the air
That revolution need not be started by swords or guns,
Rather the simple weapon--A candle burning bright.............

S. R.


suvra said...

this article n' the verse remind me of times,that i've spent feeling helpless...seeing a small girl asking for food at t traffic signal,an old man driving a rickshaw,reading abt religious violence,bomb blasts....n' just being a silent spectator of all this....

bt then,(this being the month of October),quoting Gandhiji's wrds,..."Be the change u want to see in the world."...i do agree,change is definitely in the air,slow bt steady,small bt ready...

quite reflective!!

Keep Writing!!

Saket said...

@subhra - change is in the air. the next thing in india is the citizen partnership(that's the word i would use rather than the awakening thing). After "Jaago Re" , the tata tea's initiatives, we are seeing yet another by ndtv and toyota which have realized the environment problem and are spreading the word now.

So change is in the air and people are ready now to become the change